Business Opportunity

for our partners

Attractive Margins

Quick Breakeven

Trendy Lifestyle Categories

Mumuso Business Ethics

Mumuso will always adhere to the high quality principle and uphold the idea of keeping integrity in business.

Global standard store experience.

We aim to build a complete industrial chain with a combination of fashion trend.

We have around 2500+ SKUs in various categories.

Mumuso Store Experience

Steps To A Mumuso Store

Store Layout Design and Fabrication by the Professionals of Mumuso Authorised vendors.

Location selection and finalisation with thorough Mapping.

Staff hiring, support and training managed by Team Mumuso.

Be a smart Investor to grab this fabulous opportunity.

Hand-holding For Business Partners

Customer’s Grievances are managed professionally by the customer support department.

Training for the store operational team by experienced Trained Retail Professionals.

Stock Replenishment guidance.

Logistics and IT Support.

Marketing support.

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What property type will you open the store at?

Owned Rented/Leased